Goldman Sachs Hires Expert Bankruptcy Lawyer – Sign of the Times

June 20, 2006

Goldman Sachs has hired James H. M. Sprayregen, from Kirkland and Ellis to run its restructuring practice. What does this mean to the rest of world?

Not alot unless you’re a bankruptcy and you want to use his new salary to make you feel inferior… or it means a ton if you are financial market analyst.

The hiring should be a sign of the times that the corporate bankruptcies are going to start flying. With market roller coaster rides like we’ve had recently, the hiring is a further indicator of a tentaive market at best.

Getting Help to See the Sunshine Through the Rain – New York Times


3 Responses to “Goldman Sachs Hires Expert Bankruptcy Lawyer – Sign of the Times”

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  2. Yes.I agree with you Meck Mckartney about bankruptcy.
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