New York Sues Debt Collectors

June 23, 2006

Eliot Spitzer has sued several New York debt collectors for abusive debt collection. Read the full story at Bill McLeod's Law Blog – Mcleod Law Offices, P.C.- Massachusetts Bankruptcy, Employment Law and Fair Debt Collection Practices Attorneys in Boston

The suit alleges that the Boyajian companies (1) used dunning letters and falsely stated or implied that they came from attorneys; (2) falsely accused debtors of criminal activity, and threatened debtors with arrest; and (3) failed to supply verification of the debt when requested to do so.

In addition, they were apparently trying to collect on bad checks which were more than 6 years old – and in New York, the statute of limitations for bringing such a claim is 6 years. According to a report here the outfits were apparently collecting checks made payable to Ames and Bradlees, two retailers than have long since been out of business.


3 Responses to “New York Sues Debt Collectors”

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  2. Good article. They still have to prove their case. So if you have the time, hire an attorney to defend your case. Whether you hire us or someone else, it is better to hire a lawyer than to go it alone. Even though you know the facts of your case best, you are no match for the crowded courtroom and the experienced lawyer representing the creditor or collection agency. If you go it alone and lose, a judgment will be issued against you.

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